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Sunspace Sunrooms

Sunspace Sunrooms are modular units that are custom designed for your home. The units can be installed directly onto an existing patio, deck, and even under a previously constructed roof. 

The Model 200 features versatile WeatherMaster Vertical 4-Track Vinyl Windows exclusively from Sunspace. Designed to combine the breezy, open air feeling of a Screen Room with the comfort, convenience and safety of an Enclosed Porch.

WeatherMaster Bi-Fold Doors

An aluminum bi-fold door system that offers above ground bottom running with multiple threshold options. Sunspace WeatherMaster Plus are standard with WeatherMaster Vertical-4-Track windows. Bi-folding doors are a great addition to any home. 

Apart from the range of practical benefits, bi-folds give a sense of luxury, bring comfort and make your living space more convenient. 

DuraScreen Systems

DuraScreens can stretch to fit any shape, with a drum tight no-sag fit. Choose either fixed panel or retractable screens that open and close on whisper quiet motors and disappear completely.

Install both screens and vinyl panels for the ultimate in weather protection. Retractable Vinyl Panels allow you to instantly enclose virtually any opening with an impenetrable barrier against wind, rain and winter weather.

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